5 ways to help your 2-8 year old kids learn new skills while at home during the covid-19 pandemic

As the whole world is stuck at home, parents are looking for ways to keep kids entertained and learn while they work. The best way to have fun while providing useful stuff for the kids to do, is to find content that is both educational and entertaining.

With Hatch Kids, we wanted to create a gaming service that provides families with edutainment. Over 80 games we’ve handpicked are high-quality, age appropriate and teach skills that are useful for kids development. Here are a few things you might not know about games and how they can help to practise necessary skills needed in life, making education way more than just learning numbers and letters!

  1. Get creative – draw, play music and express yourself. Listen to stories and act them out, put on fun clothes and play. Being creative isn’t just about arts, but it’s about being able to adapt, to imagine others perspectives and improvise when facing problems. Everything is possible in a kid’s world and that brave creativity is great and exciting. Creative games where the child can experiment, build and create new things, try out fun dress combinations or make silly cakes, and discuss those creations while you marvel at them.
  1. Practise emotional skills – smaller kids haven’t learnt yet how to control or even identify their emotions. Parents can help in finding the right words and reasonings for different feelings. Through shared review, children can then also learn to understand and regulate their emotions better. Kids can experience feelings such as pride, curiosity, excitement and wonder through games and interacting with game characters. All of this constructive interaction helps boost their emotional intelligence.
  1. Life skills –  needed for the adventures ahead. Essential life skills deal with topics such as being able to see things from other perspectives, understanding others, critical thinking and focusing. These varied skills and tools will make life easier and more enriching.
  1. Preschool and school preparedness – laying the foundation for learning school topics, like reading and writing, starts with small steps, such as recognising numbers and letters. Games can teach valuable skills while having fun, and a positive approach to subjects like science can last a lifetime. 
  1. Play together – there’s nothing like family time together. Co-playing with the kids is a great way to connect and let them teach you a thing or a two about how the world works. 

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