Best games for 4-5 year old juniors

What an age it is to be a 4 to 5 year old. The world is truly your oyster! Dinosaurs, favorite superheroes and princesses, and the never ending questions of why and how! Kids in this age range are starting to enjoy games with some rules, but they also immensely enjoy open-learning play. Sandbox-type exploration lets kids get to make their own decisions and go on adventures as they wish. 

Five year olds are already great in expressing themselves with words, and they have so much to tell and ask you. The imaginative stories and ideas they want to share first thing in the morning, to being engaged with topics they want to learn more about, like letters, numbers and symbols they see everywhere are almost limitless. This is a great age to let them explore their interests and help them develop the social skills and emotional intelligence they will need as soon as they go to school.

Hatch Kids has a great selection of games on these topics – from emotional intelligence development games to open ended exploration, not to mention the various simulation games where the child gets to try different careers and jobs. Who wouldn’t want to be a fireman and save cute cats from trees?

Try these games on Hatch Kids that teach valuable skills for 4-5 year olds:

Pepi Wonder Wold
Toca Life: Vacation
The Little Fire Station
Dr. Panda Hoopa City 2
Goodnight Mo
Pango Land

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