Black Friday offer and giving virtual gifts

We have a great deal going on inside Hatch Kids for this Black Friday. Login to the app, and claim your Black Friday offer before Sunday the 28th November 2020 to get the best deals! 

If you are looking for the perfect present to give to your friends or loved ones, giving a subscription is a great gift – and it’s super easy! Parents will love Hatch Kids as it’s both fun and educational, and the kids get access to 90+ safe games without ads. Subscription starts from 6.99 euro a month but there are also annual memberships available. 

If you want to give Hatch Kids subscription to a friend as a present, you can do one of the following:

If they use an Apple device, buy them an Apple Gift Card, select the amount and send it to their email:  Notice that your friend must have Apple ID in the same country or region as you. 

If your friend uses Android devices, you’ll need to get a gift card for Google Play. These you can get from one of the local retailers, and the card can be redeemed on Google Play easily towards Hatch Kids subscription

You can use this text along with your virtual present: 

Happy holidays! You can now download Hatch Kids and play children’s games as much as you want! No ads, no in-app purchases – only great, safe games for kids! Download now from!

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