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Christmas and New Year holidays are the best of family time. Families gather together, busy life calms down, and there’s finally time to be together. Unwrapping presents, feasting on big meals and enjoying family traditions fill the days quite quickly. 

This is a great time for the parents to connect with their kids. Whether it’s playing board games or charades, it’s a good opportunity to join in, have fun together and enjoy. Playing together is actually a great way of connecting, communicating and bonding. Laughing relieves stress, and ups the happiness levels. It’s great to play good games, but even better when you get to play with your family. Actually, there’s studies that most kids would actually like to play more with their parents rather than left alone with their devices. 

Family time brings people together, belonging and connecting to each other. And even if you don’t immediately think of grandma playing video games, they are a great intergenerational playground where grandparents can watch and participate. There is research on video games enhancing physical and mental health in elderly people, so it’s worth a try. 

Hatch Kids has 90+ games, among them some super fun and silly games to play with the family. For example, try playing Shaun the Sheep games and compete against each other, or throw snowballs in a 360 degree environment in Mash and co. 

This Christmas, Hatch Kids wants to wish you happy holidays by offering free playtime daily. Download the app, and play our fun and educational games, and check out our winter offers in app for monthly and annual subscription.

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