Fun stuff to do with 0-2 year olds

Most of our brain development happens in the first 2 years of life, so the time spent away from a screen is so important. An inquisitive mind can be rewarded and developed however in fun ways if you play, explore and interact closely together for short periods with a toddler and tablet.

Screen-time well spent, for 0-2 year olds, is about making the brief tablet time you and your toddler share meaningful. Apps can be as rewarding as a stack of picture books, if you spend time imparting foundational learning in fun ways. 

Playing an interactive shape game with your child, with bright colours, things that feel fun to touch and interact with, familiar shapes, recognisable characters, and recognising words is all good screen time. Babies might still need help from an adult to turn pages, and they love to being read to. Reading together is a great way to support your baby’s development. And what about those animal sounds, roaarrr! 

2 year olds can already point at things they see and turn pages themselves. This is the time to also start asking questions, as young toddlers can answer and start naming things themselves. Adults can help with finding the right words and also pointing out what happens in the book such as describing emotions and reactions.

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