We care

We designed our app for kids while keeping in mind parental concerns.

Age appropriate content

Our game selection supports children’s developmental goals and they are suitable for 2-8 year olds without any scary or shocking content.

Quality screen time

Quality of the screen content is the key to healthy media usage. Playing games that support child’s developmental goals is a fun way to learn emotional intelligence, literacy and get curious.

Curation process

We offer a selection of hand-picked games and digital toys that kids actually love, and our curation process follows the world-renowned Finnish early childhood education plan.

Safe environment

Hatch Kids is a safe place to play, create and learn. There are no ads, shocking content or in-game purchases. There are no external profiles nor features that enable interaction with strangers, such as chat function and location sharing.

One easy subscription

Hatch Kids is only €6,99 per month – a great value subscription that offers unlimited play with new games added regularly. And up to 5 profiles for each family member to save progress.

Play together

Family time just became more fun! Use your own phone or tablet to take part in the same game your kid is playing. 

Most frequently asked questions

Hatch Kids is a fun and safe, family-friendly app, containing all the best kids games from the world’s best kids game developers in one place. With an ever-growing collection, your children will never be bored!

Let your children play, imagine, create and learn through carefully curated games!

With no ads or in-app purchases, no product placement, no sketchy content. Instant, easy, inclusive, accessible, care-free, conflict-free.

Hatch Kids is currently available on the Google Play Store in:
– the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
– the United Kingdom

We plan to expand to more countries and platforms towards the future.

Hatch Kids is a safe place to play, create, and learn through games. We don’t show ads in our app, there are no in-app purchases, no other accounts can connect or interact with yours, and all of the games have been curated by an expert team.

You will never have to worry about what your child sees when using our app.

Hatch Kids can be played on the following mobile devices: – Android mobile phones and tablets with at least Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” and more than 1,5GB of RAM

We plan to support other platforms and devices at a later time.

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