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By age three kids can start naming their emotions. Learning to identify and understand feelings is quite a task where parents can help. Bliss, relief, pride, surprise, curiosity, excitement, awe and wonder experienced through playing games all help your child to develop emotional intelligence. Self-expression, relaxation and overcoming challenges all help your child to regulate and manage their emotions, going through them in a safe and comfortable way that is socially rewarding for the whole family. Emotional development is key to sparking and boosting a child’s character both in understanding and recognition of feelings. Parents can help in learning this by naming those feelings and trying to express the source of the emotion. In games, kids might trigger actions that make characters happy or sad and quickly realize why, and how to trigger these reactions.
Creativity is one of those skills that is needed in the future. Being creative means being able to adapt, to empahatise, to imagine other perspectives and improved problem solving skills. Independent play and providing opportunities and encouragement to think outside the box helps the child to use their imagination to look for solutions. Games that foster creativity are a great way to accomplish this!
There are plenty of essential skills that aren’t thought in school. Life skills help kids understand themselves, others and navigate through adventures ahead. Through technology, especially games, kids can read, interact, create and learn about topics that are considered the most essential life skills, such as empathy and perspective taking, communication with others, critical thinking, taking on challenges and focusing, while being engaged and self directed learners
Academy games prepare children for skills they will learn in school. Games lay groundwork for learning how to read, write, do math but also how the world around us works! We believe, that the line between learning and fun shouldn’t exist. Games that teach valuable skills should also be fun! While all of our games contain an educational angle, some games are more clearly meant to help children prepare for school. This includes topics like recognizing numbers and alphabet, but also learning about natural sciences, geography, and humanities! All in an age appropriate way.

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