Games about Creativity

Encouraging exploration, dressup, art creation and in general feeding their curiousity helps the child get creative and use their imagination.

Expression and creativity runs wild in kids, they are natural born artist. Through art they can express, explore and create new. There is no one way to do arts, it's all about the process and having fun.Learn more
Playing building games is a great way to get creative and for self expression. Older kids might enjoy creating new worlds and structures, and get practice in more complex 3D thinking in form of simple machines, contraptions, or lifelike simulation cities.Learn more
Babies love vivid colours, but around the age of 18 months, they start differentiate between colors, and by the age 3 learn how to name them. Learning colours requires help from the parents to point out and name all the different hues of colours.Learn more
Drawing is one of the ways children express themselves, especially if they cannot communicate through words yet. Drawing is also a technique that develops fine motor skills, later needed for writing and dozens of other dexterity activities. When drawing, children concentrate, recall their memories of what they are drawing, get creative and process their thoughts.Learn more
Active learning and exploration trains the imagination, and when the child has a chance to discuss the topics in the games, they can also formulate their thoughts. Let them create stories, pictures, buildings, and play dressup and role plays so they can make their own choices, and be creative. Take screenshots of the best game creations and fun dressups, and browse through the photo gallery with your child at times to discuss - it's not that far from your fridge door art gallery.Learn more
They say that the more you practice a language, the more you improve it. Games are an excellent tool to help your child learn new vocabulary, getting immediate feedback and response without a teacher present. Associations of words with pictures provide the building blocks of language development. Pictures allow the child to establish words in a sentence and the audio hones pronunciation, reinforcing knowledge of familiar words. The repetition of tasks and game playing helps imprint words in the memory and focus a child’s listening and attention skills in a fun way.Learn more
It's amazing how quickly kids learn rhymes and songs. They sing and dance throughout the day. Let them try out instruments, make rhythms, test out tempos and compose for themselves. It's a great way to let steam out and express feelings.Learn more
Problem Solving
What is the problem? What could you do to fix or solve it? Child has to first identify the issues, then imagine the goal, and start finding the steps to get there. Solving puzzles is one way to learn logical thinking. From stacking blocks to maze running, unraveling and piecing together parts of a jigsaw, your children can enjoy having their brains flexed and logic enhanced by trying out all kinds of fun conundrums. Conflicts will happen, and you can help your child to learn how to deal with the frustration and find solutions together.Learn more
Roleplay is one of the best ways to practice empathy, collaboration and respect. It's great for expressing feelings and dealing with difficult emotions.Learn more
Self Expression
Kids learn how to express themselves, their wants, feelings and creativity in various ways throughout their development. First with crying, then with gestures and body language and last, through words. Artistic expression is important for the development of communication skills, emotional skills, and psychological awareness, and through games and play such as teamwork games or construction games, they get to learn cooperation, creativity and some real life skills - much more than by watching TV!Learn more

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