Games about Logic

Kids observe and perceive the world, and logical thinking will help the making sense of it all.

Play with clusters of realistic soap bubbles, popping them by matching four or more colors and creating cascading chain reactions. Fill bubbles with color and mix them with neighbors. Surprisingly deep strategies emerge.
Fox Factory teaches the basics of programming and logic in a fun way. Assemble simple instruction blocks, learn basic commands, and create fun production lines.
Can you help Shaun the Sheep and his pals find their way back home? Join their epic adventure and travel through bustling cities, hidden caves and outer space. Overcome challenges as a team, using each sheep’s unique abilities to get home safe.
A test specimen at a secret research lab isn’t about to become a casualty of science. Dash through maze-like corridors toward freedom, stealthily avoiding guards and collecting goodies along the way. Go critter, go!
Design a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your trains running. Keep your routes efficient by redrawing them as new stations open. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city moving?
Stimulate your mind with tricky math challenges as you embark on a journey into nature. Link colorful balls, add up the numbers and watch them pop.
Can you help build a path for Pango? He’s looking for some very specific items for his friends, like crayons for Rabbit and sports equipment for Squirrel, but he needs your help reaching them. Develop new skills while having fun with Pango and his friends.
A brave wiener dog is on a mission to free all the neighborhood puppies abducted by the evil dogcatcher. Grumpy dogs, feisty kittens and other obstacles must be overcome on an epic puzzle journey.
Join Rhino Hero for an epic adventure as he scales buildings and patrols the city protecting the citizens. In this fun physics-based game, kids help Rhino Hero complete his mission by controlling a crane and building the highest skyscraper possible!
Life is hard down on the farm… especially when Martians keep trying to steal the corn harvest. Help Pops, Joe and Otis defend the homestead with an arsenal of insane weapons. Ploughshares to swords!

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