Games about Physics

How just a slingshot and a red bird could explain complex terms like gravity and speed to a kid? Games are great for learning physics.

Meet Pengy, a plucky penguin who dreams of flying. In this charming platform adventure, help the flightless bird slip, slide and flip through the air and make his wish come true. Just don’t let him fall into the snow.
With skill, logic and brute force you must take on the egg-thieving pigs in outer space – where the forces of gravity have rather different implications than back home on Bird Island. With a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!
The penguin king needs ice for his drink! You must get it for him! Slice pieces from ice floes to get more ice, but don’t slice the playful penguin babies! Keep all the penguins on the same ice floe and try to use as few slices as possible.
Join Rhino Hero for an epic adventure as he scales buildings and patrols the city protecting the citizens. In this fun physics-based game, kids help Rhino Hero complete his mission by controlling a crane and building the highest skyscraper possible!
Go on a fantastic adventure through the solar system, catapulting into space to learn about the wonders of the planets and the sun, and how they move through the universe.

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